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柴田 智明 展   


Shibata Tomoaki works
Artist Statement



Art works in this exhibition are based on the Japanese traditional art techniques.
The Oriental world view with brushstroke using ink stick, emancipates us from
a daily life and leads to the idle world.
Through this exhibition, I want to connect unseen inner space and reality.

Artist Profile
1981 東京生まれ
2005 武蔵野美術大学造形学部 日本画学科卒
Solo Exhibitions
2006-2 Part-1 ギャラリーQ、東京
2006-6 Part-2 ギャラリーQ、東京
2007-2 アートスペース羅針盤、東京
2007-6 ギャラリーQ、東京
2008 ギャラリーQ、東京
2010 ギャラリーQ、東京
2012 ギャラリーQ、東京
Group Exhibitions
2006 「第1回ビエンナーレうしく」牛久市中央生涯学習センター、茨城 
2009 「第2回日米国際作家交流展」マキイマサルファインアーツ、東京 
2010 「ワンダーシード2010」トーキョーワンダーサイト渋谷、東京
Artist Profile
Shibata Tomoaki Homepage
1981 Born in Tokyo, Japan
Solo Exhibitions
2005 B.A. Department of Painting, Japanese Painting Course, Musashino Art University, Tokyo
2012 Gallery Q, Tokyo.
2010 Gallery Q, Tokyo.
2008 Gallery Q, Tokyo.
2007-6 Gallery Q, Tokyo.
2007-2 Art Space Rashinnban, Tokyo.
2006-2 Part-1 Gallery Q, Tokyo.
2006-6 Part-2 Gallery Q, Tokyo.
Group Exhibitions
2010 “Wonder Seed” Shibuya, Tokyo
2009 "The 2nd Exchange Group Exhibition America and Japan" LA ARTCORE, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
"The 2nd Exchange Group Exhibition Japan and America”
  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, MAKII MASARU FINE ARTS Gallery, Tokyo
2011 "HOPE" Art Space Rashinnban. Tokyo
2010 "Possibility Of Water And Ink", Art Space Rashinban, Tokyo.
"Tokyo Wonder Seed" Shibuya,Tokyo
2008 Suga Tatehiko taisyouten, Takashimaya, Osaka,Tottori, Japan.
2011 "The Contemporary Art Exhibition at Habuminato" Oshima,Tokyo
2011 BankART Artist in Residence 2011, studio artist, Yokohama.
2010 Shiwaku_HONJIMA~Cultivate the fields, And arts~,HONJIMA,Kagawa,Japan