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古荘 郁子 展


Artist Statement






In this exhibition, I return to the subject of “the female image”.

I last presented this theme eight years ago, and I remain fascinated

by women’s physical beauty, sensitivity and dress.

Combining various techniques, both representational and abstract,

I have focused on mature women who assert their independence and

take delight in solitude. Let’s hope that Japan’s new era,

“Reiwa”, will also prove to be a new and positive era for women.


Artist Profile
1991年より 洋画家 黒崎俊雄氏に師事。
Solo Exhibitions
2019 Gallery Q, Tokyo
2016 PROMO-ARTE Project Gallery, Tokyo
2014 Butterfly Art-Space,Tokyo
2013 PROMO-ARTE Project Gallery, Tokyo
2011 Galeria Arts Space B, Tokyo
2008 PROMO-ARTE Project Gallery, Tokyo
2006 PROMO-ARTE Project Gallery, Tokyo
2003 PROMO-ARTE Project Gallery, Tokyo
Group Exhibitions
2017 Arte Japone,Cali, Colombia
Hassamo Promo-Arte Gracious
2016 Ebisu Biennale
2015 Kaminari,Cali, Colombia
  Jingle Jangle Jungle Part 2, New York
2014 Jingle Jangle Jungle Part 1, New York
Ebisu Biennale
2012 Ebisu Biennale
2010 Ebisu Biennale
2009 Arte´Ni^M 2009,France
2008 Arte´Ni^M 2009,France
2016 Salon D’Automne サロン・ドートンヌ, Paris
2015 Salon D’Automne サロン・ドートンヌ, Paris
2010 Salon D’Automne サロン・ドートンヌ, Paris
2008 Salon D’Automne サロン・ドートンヌ, Paris