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Exhibition Archives 2018



Art Works


1974 ソウル生まれ
2007 MAFA Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London
2004 M.F.A Department of Fine Art, Graduate school, Chung-Ang University
2001 B.F.A Department of Fine Art, college of Art, Chung-Ang University
2018 Fictional Life , Salon Artertain, Seoul
  Manipulated garden , Bon gallery, Seoul
2017 Manipulated garden , Art all ways project gallery, LA, USA
  Mummified , NL=US art gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2015 Isolated garden , Gallery bundo, Daegu
  Isolated garden , Art factory, Seoul
  Isolated garden , Artertain, Seoul
2013 N_either , selo art gallery, Seoul
  N_either , Zaha Museum, Seoul
  N_either , BANJUL-SCHALE Drawing relay project,gallery Banjul, Seoul
  N_either Drawing, from the beginning , gallery Dung, Seoul
2011 N_either , Artside, Beijing, China
2010 N_either , Sun Contemporary, Seoul
  N_either - into , Gallery pakyoung, Paju
2009 N_either , I-MYU Projects, London, UK
2008 Margins , MIKI WICK KIM Contemporary Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
  Margins , Stables Gallery, London, UK
2003 A bit of space , Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2018 ‘LIFE’ , gallery30, Seoul
2017 ‘Ghost’ , Daegu Museum, Daegu
Dongduk art center, Seoul
elective affinity , Lotte hotel gallery, Seoul
who is who , Kumoh National Institute of Technology gallery, Gumi
“L" , 7T gallery, Daegu
「MOVE exhibition」OUCHI Gallery, NY, USA
2015 International Exchange Exhibition , Soochow University, China
2014 International Exchange Exhibition , Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center, Daegu
2013 Being(BJN gallery, Seoul
Correlation(LIG art center, Seoul
2012 Tomorrow+ , Hangaram Museum, The art center, Seoul
YMCA+YWCA, Imazoo gallery, Seoul
Wanderers Unduped , TV12 Gallery, Seoul
2011 The Boundary 2 persons show , Art factory, Paju
The spirit of the times , Interalia, Art Company, Seoul
P.E.A.R.L. CROSS OVER, Gallery Pakyoung, Paju
Bed Romanticism , Arko Museum, Seoul
I am painter , UNC Gallery, Seoul
City and Tree_ National Modern Art Museum Artbank Exhibition, Samjin Museum, Chang-won
symbiosis , Gallery pakyoung, Paju
2010 2010 BYUL COLLECTION NOW , Hyundai Gallery, Seoul
Eye of through Insa-Dong, Gong artspace, Seoul
40X40X40X40 , Cottonseed, Seoul
Lack of being , Interalia Art Company, Seoul
Intersection , Gallery Lamer, Seoul
2009 Star Wars-EpisodeU , UNC Gallery, Seoul
KSBDA -International Fall Exhibition-Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan (Sangmyung University
2008 4482 - Korean Contemporary Artists in London (Barge house, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
Welcome Home , Sun Contemporary, Seoul
00 Nature Nature in the Art of the Twenty First Century (Contemporary Art Projects, London
2007 The Korean contemporary arts show in London 2007-The spectrum (Jerwoodspace, London
‘ARCADIA’ , I-MYU Project space, London
4482 - Korean Contemporary Artists in London , King's Park Business Center, London
Chelsea 2007 MA Show , Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
The Open - , King's Park Business Center, Studio Unit 69, 205, 207, London
2006 Event in London , The Plum Tree, London
2004 Donga Grand Art Exhibition , National Modern Art Museum, Kwachon
Looking for Rhythm , gallerychang, Seoul
Drawing 0’C − Exhibition of three artists , Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
The 8th “Life” − The 9th of Imagination, The 9th of Adventure , Dukwongallery, Seoul
Art Work Exhibition of Professor in Kosin University , Davin Gallery, Pusan
Boujour Tout Le Monde - Supported by ministry of Culture & Tourism (Mokam Museum, Goyang
2003 Korean Contemporary Art , Cascata Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
The 32nd Figurative Exhibition , National Modern Art Museum, Kwachon
The 8th Group Exhibition「The Life」- The memory of Tomorrow (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2002 The 21st Grand Art Exhibition of Korea , National Modern Art Museum, Kwachon
The 24th Joong-Ang Grand Art Exhibition , Hoam Art Museum,Seoul
Painting of Homogeneity , Chung-Ang Art Center, Seoul
The 4th Danwon Art Competition , Danwon Gallery, Ansan
The 7th Group Exhibition「The Life」- Return to Innocence (Chung-Ang Art Center, Seoul
2001 The 23rd Joong-Ang Grand Art Exhibition , Hoam Art Museum, Seoul
2000 The 19th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea , National Modern Art Museum, Kwachon
The 11th Exhibition of Misulsegue , Sejong Culture and Arts Center, Seoul
The 7th Art Principle Exhibition , Seorabol gallery-Ansung
1999 The 6th Art Principle Exhibition − Paik Nam Jun , Seorabol gallery, Ansung
Performance − The 20th Century − The Black Plague
Image Experienced Exhibition − , Seorabol gallery − Ansung
1998 The 5th Art Principle Exhibition − What is the object for? (Chung-Ang University − Main Campus
The 4th Art Principle Exhibition − The Hole , Seorabol gallery − Ansung