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Exhibition Archives 2016

李 芝 殷 Lee Jee-Eun企画展 


Art works
Artist Profile
1982 B.A. Ewha Women's University, Seoul, Koera
1984 M.A. Ewha Womon's University, Seoul, Korea
1988 Graduated from Ecole National Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
present Professor of Ewha Women’ university, seoul, korea
Solo Exhibitions
2016 Sejong center Museum , Urban Art Gallery , Seoul
2015 Rhy/Basel Art Fair, Basel, Swiss
2012 Sevrance Hospital Gallery, Seoul
2010 Art Park Gallery, Seoul
2008 UrbanArt Gallery, Seoul
2001 UrbanArt Gallery, Seoul
1999 Window Gallery, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
1998 Studio 365, Paju
1994 Kumho Art Gallery, Gallery Woong, Seoul
1993 Art Fair in Seoul The Soul Art Center, Gallery Woong, Seoul
1992 Gallery Woong, Seoul
1991 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
1988 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2016 Art fair , Coex , Seoul 
2014 Art fair , Coex , Seoul 
2012 KIAF ( Korea International Art Fair ) , Coex , Seoul
2010 joyful (Art Mission the12th annual exhibit) , Insa Art Center,Seoul
2009 CSAF (2009 Contemporary Arts Today Korea,), Life Style Centre Contemporary Art Museum,Shanghai, China
Korean Contemporary Painting, 2009 , Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2008 New millennium of oriental Painting, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
Art Mission, Insa Art Center, Seoul
Homomyms, Urbanart Gallery, Seoul
Exhibition of Professors College of Art and Design, Ewha Women's University, Ewha Art Center, Seoul
KIAF, Coex, Seoul
Space Movin Opening Show ,Space Movin, Seoul
2007 KIAF, Coex, Seoul
2005 Korean Painting, Vision 2005, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2004 KIAF, Coex, Seoul
2003 The Water, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
The Water, Son' Cultural Art Center, Jeonju
An Olive tree, Jinheung Art Center, Seoul
Small Piece Paintings of 100 Artists, Vit Gallery, Seoul
Christ and The Symbol, Vit Gallery, Seoul
The Table of the wilderness, Insa Art Center, Seoul
Ming Scape, Gallery Hyundai Plus, Seoul
Art Mission, Vit Gallery Seoul
2002 New Millennium of Oriental Painting, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
Home +Art, Hyundai Departement Gallery, Seoul
2001 New millennium of Oriental Painting, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
Art Mission, Jinheung Art Center, Seoul
Korea Art 2001 : The Reinstatement of Painting, National Museum of Contemporary Art,Korea, Kwacheon
2000 Inaugural Show after Removal, Gallery Woong, Seoul
The Painting of Living and Life, Hyundai Art Center, Ulsan
1999 Group Show in April, Gallery Asio, Yangpyung
1998 The Travelling Art Museum, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, Kwacheon
Exhibition for the Korean Painting on Fans of 126 Artist, Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul
1997 The Abastract-The Real-The Abstract, Gallery Wooduk, Seoul
1996 Transformation of the ldea, Gallery shin, Seoul
Ewha Young Artists 96, Ewha Museum, Seoul
Art at Home, Gallery Seomi, Seoul
1995 Artist 2000's, Munhwa Daily Newspaper Gallery, Seoul/td>
Art Festival in May, Gallery Jean, Seoul
Chyeon Exhibition, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
Korean Women Artists Festival '95, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
1994 New Horizon-6 Artists, Gallery Meegun, Seoul
International Exchange Exhibition, Artemisia Gallery And Gallery Woong, Seoul
Chyeon Exhibition, Ewha Museum, Seoul
1993 Korean Hologram in Art, Daejeon '93 Expo, Eaejeon
Work of 111 Peace-Living Artiset, Park Young-Duck Gallery, Seoul
Five Thought, Gallery Noseak, Seoul
Thought of 9 artists, ON Gallery, Seoul
Challenge of Korean Art to Two Thousands, Gallery Sangmoondang, Seoul
1992 Korean Hologram in Art, Gallery 21, Seoul
Living Phenomenon, Midopa Gallery, Seoul
Ewha Museum lnaugural Exhibition, Ewha Museum, Seoul
Young Artists Exhibition, Gallery Icon, Seoul
'92 Seoul Exhibition of Contemporary Korean Painting, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
Cheyeon Exhibition, Kwanhoon Museum, Seoul
1991 Korean Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Hoam Gallery, Seoull
'91 Seoul Exhibition of Contemporary Korean Painting, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul
Korean Painting by 5 Artists, Gallery Forum, Seoul
Cheyeon Exhibition, Korea Culture And Art Foundation, Seoul
The Frontiers of the Contemporary art, Gallery Galleria, Seoul
'91 Seoul Contemporary Art Festial, Korea Culture and Art Foundation, Seoul
1990 Salon Montrouge, Montrougem, France
'90 Seoul Contemporary Art Festival, Korea Culture And Art Foundation, Seoul
1989 The Exhibition of The 15 Artists in the Expression of the Generation, Gallery Batanggol, Seoul
Petit Salon, Centre Culture de France, Seoul
1988 Salon Comparison, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Atelier Cueco, Maison des Beaux-Art, Paris, France
1984 Huso Exhibition, Korea Culture and Art Foundation, Seoul
Korean Painting by 18 Artists, Thhe 3rd Museum, Seoul
Cheyeon Exhibition, Seoul
1983 Seteo Exhibition, The 3rd Museum, Seoul
Cheyeon Exhibition, Seoul
1982 Cheyeon Exhibition, Seoul
Nationnal Museum of Contemporary Art,/ Seoul Metropolitan Museum,
The South Seoul Public Prosecutions Administration,/ Samseong Electronics
Samseong Medical Cental /, Korean Consulate General in Chicago USA
Embassy of the Republic of in Chile,/ Eagon Resourecs Development Kudelski Group,Swiss
Cable One, USA,/ Comcast, USA